Rules of conduct for students

When you join an R2T2 mission you have the chance to work and chat with students in classrooms all over the world.  Your teacher will supervise your activity in the classroom. Your activity during each R2T2 mission is also monitored by R2T2 Collaboration to ensure that everyone can enjoy the event. 

We expect participants to follow these simple rules during every R2T2 mission:

  • Do your best to work with your team members to make the mission a success.
  • Be respectful of others. That means don’t use bad language, don’t insult other participants, listen to what others have to say, and be a team player.
  • Look after privacy. Don’t share your full name, your personal contact details, or anyone else’s personal contact details, during mission chats.  If you want to keep in touch with someone you meet through an R2T2 mission, ask your teacher to help you organise it.
  • Don’t misuse the chat function. You should only use the chat to talk about the mission, to coordinate your actions with other teams, to help each other, to communicate with the mission organizers.

If you don’t follow the rules, we will contact your teacher to let him or her know in order to manage the inappropriate behavior.

Good luck!

Version 12.03.2021