Who can register: teachers from all educational organizations in Switzerland and other countries

Age: 8-18 years old

Number of students: 3-5 students per team

Duration: preparation + one 2,5h R2T2 mission

Final mission : R2T2 Mars Mission

Délai de l’inscription : 07.01.2022

Prix :

Public scools – 50 CHF per team

DGEO Schools (VD, Switzerland) – free

Other organisations – 75 CHF per team

Organisators : R2T2 Collaboration with the support of the EPFL and the project Education Numérique implimented in the canton Vaud of Switzerland

The spring 2021 edition of Rendezvous R2T2 on Mars was a success and received 700+ student registrations! Therefore, our team has decided to continue to offer this activity in 2022.

Rendezvous Mars 2021 is designed to enable a maximum of students and educators from around the world to benefit from their flagship remote educational robotics missions. The R2T2 (Remote Rescue with Thymio II) missions offer teachers and students a unique, interactive and educational experience that stimulates creative problem solving, technical confidence and cross-curricular skills through its collaborative team learning approach, all while having fun!

How does it work?

Upon registration, several possible dates will be offered to register one or more teams of 3 to 5 students each for the R2T2 Mars mission. Prior to the mission, the teacher prepares the teams at their own speed to successfully complete the R2T2 Mars mission where they will collaborate online with teams from other schools and countries.

RDV R2T2 is offered to teachers who already have experience in robotics and have Thymio robots in the classroom.

What material you need?

The teacher who signs up to lead these workshops must provide:


If your teams have not yet met Thymio, it would be best to schedule about 6-10 of 45-minute preparation periods before the mission.

The missions will take place in May-June 2022.

Teachers will receive all the preparation material upon confirmation. Some of it is already published on the R2T2 Mars mission webpage (Tab « Preparation »).

How to register?

If this is an activity you are looking for for your class, just fill in the registration form and we will contact you.


Contact us if you would like to subscribe or to ask us something. We are ready to answer to you!

You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about future missions and projects.

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