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R2T2 (Remote Rescue Thymio II) missions offer educators and students a unique, interactive, educational experience that boosts creative problem solving, technical confidence, and transversal skills with its team-based collaborative learning approach, having a blast the whole time!

R2T2 Mars Mission is the most popular of R2T2’s series of collaborative robotics activities facilitated from their HQ at EPFL since 2015. It features 16 Thymio robots, controlled remotely by teams around the world, working together to repair one of the main power plants on Mars that was damaged by a meteor strike. Student participants organize into teams, strategize about how to complete their tasks, coordinate with other teams in real-time, program robots locally and over the internet, and learn how to work through complex problems together!

R2T2 Collaboration and EPFL’s Rendezvous Mars 2021 is designed to enable a maximum of students and educators from around the world to benefit from their flagship remote educational robotics missions. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you and your students!

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  • Are you a teacher interested in educational robotics?
  • Do you have a class (at least 3 students) between the ages of 8 and 18?
  • Do you have access to Thymio robots (e.g., via teaching libraries near you)?
  • Are your class ready to  collaborate, communicate, program, reflect and above all enjoy creatively solving problems together with their peers?
R2T2 Rendezvous Mars 2021 could be just the team-orientated, creative problem solving challenge that you've been looking for - join us!

R2T2 Rendezvous Mars 2021 offers you and your class the chance to participate in a Mars Mission hosted remotely at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. No need to travel because everything is done online:

  • Embark together on a unique, multi-dimensional learning experience
  • Get personalised technical and pedagogical support all along the way
  • Meet and collaborate with students and teams beyond your classroom

Rendezvous Mars 2021 is designed to validate the beneficial impact of R2T2 missions as a pedagogical activity for schools. You will be invited to share your input and valuable feedback via:

  • Pre-mission survey (online, approx. 10 minutes)
  • Post-mission survey (online, approx. 10 minutes)
  • Debrief with mission HQ team (Zoom, approx. 30 minutes)

Find out more about how it works!

Register by 5 March 2021, providing some basic details about your team(s) and preferred mission dates. We are currently planning to offer R2T2 Mars Missions during the following weeks:

  • May 17 - 21
  • May 31 - June 4
  • June 7 - 11

Because each mission brings together 16 Thymio robots controlled by 16 teams of students around the world, there is quite some matching to be done and we aim to propose a mission schedule to participants for confirmation by 12 March 2021.

Once your mission date is confirmed, please watch your inbox for mission briefing and supportive training materials, an invitation to validate any necessary technical setup, as well as the contact details of your mission guide - your first stop for any technical or pedagogical questions.

Please note that the Mars Mission typically runs for 2.5 - 3 hours on mission day. Technical setup validation, which takes place 2-3 weeks beforehand, can vary from 15 - 30 minutes. In addition, depending on students' level of familiarity with robotics concepts and Thymio programming, spend anywhere between 1-4 hours on the missing training materials in class.

Ready to register?!

Registration for this edition of missions is closed. However, do not hesitate to contact us!

First, let's check that you can plan to have access to the required physical and technical classroom setup for an R2T2 Mars Mission. We recommend thinking about dividing the participating students into teams of 3 - 5. Each team will need:

  • A computer with an internet connection. You will need to be able to download and install Aseba 1.6.1 on this computer. This software enables remote programming of the Thymio on Mars (EPFL).
  • A Thymio robot for program testing on mission day
  • (Highly recommended) Another computer. You will also need to be able to install Aseba 1.6.1 or Thymio Suite on this computer. This computer is used to test programs in-class before sending to the remote robot.
  • A tool to transfer your program from the local control computer (connected to the in-class robot) to the remote control computer (connected to the remote robot), e.g., USB key, online driver.

In addition, you will need to print one A0 training map for the class and also collect some common materials to build a Thymio experimental setup, e.g. black lines (printed on paper, black tape), obstacles and walls (different objects that Thymio can detect, Thymio boxes, folded paper or cardboard), etc.

Please note that your team(s) need to be supervised in the classroom during the entire mission by an adult whom we can contact at any time should the need arise. That adult is responsible for the appropriate collaborative behaviour of students during the mission.

Still not sure?

Check out this short video to see what it's like to participate in an R2T2 Mission!

Credits: YouTube "Mission R2T2 sur Mars avec le robot Thymio", user Thymio

Please see our FAQs if you have any questions!


We offer two Zoom sessions where you can get answers to all your questions:

  • Monday, February 22 from 5-6pm (CET)
  • Wednesday, February 24 from 4-5pm (CET)

Contact us using the form in the Contact tab if you would like to join our Zoom session or to ask other questions!

Thymio software

Which programming interfaces can be used for R2T2 Mars Missions?
Because remote connections over the internet are required, only VPL and Aseba Studio of the package Aseba 1.6.1 are officially supported.

If you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll get back as soon as we can!

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