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Nowadays, there are many robotic contests, robotic workshops, or online robotic resources. However, technology allows us to do much more.

The Thymio robot that was developed at the EPFL inspired us for our next step. This robot can be controlled and programmed from anywhere on the planet, which allows people to collaborate and solve complex tasks with simple programming instructions.

So why not going further, as we are used to do it at the EPFL and withing the NCCR Robotics community to bring together children from all over the planet and solve together a complex task, called a mission. The subjects of the missions are inspired by space robotics, with ideas and preliminary tests made with the International School of Geneva and during a summer camp with a special MINT class from the school of Köniz, Bern in 2015.

During the missions, the participants control their robots remotely by observing remotely the results of the commands sent on the video streams. As soon as the program has been sent to the robot, the robot executes it immediately. The difficulty of the missions lies in the fact that the students cannot see their robots activated immediately because the videos have a delay of 30 seconds. So, if the robot program is not done correctly, it is impossible to stop the robot on time to avoid damage. This is why the participants must choose the strategy well and cut the mission in small steps to avoid serious mistakes.

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All those who would like to carry out a collaborative robotics mission with their team without traveling far can participate in the missions proposed by the project.


The activity is mostly designed for children from 10 to 14 years old, but it is open for Children from 8 years old to adults who could have a lot of fun by participating.

The participants will gain competences in the following domains:

Communication (using possibly one or several international language)

All communication takes place on the online chat.

Collaborative experience on a technical task, in order to create something together

All teams have a common goal that they must succeed: no competition, only collaboration!

A collaborative experience with team members who have different skills.

The participants of a team should share the following roles:

  • responsible for the communication
  • responsible for strategy
  • programming managers

A different programming experience where thinking before programming is important!

The 30 second delay obliges participants to do local tests with robots located near them. In order to make good tests, it is necessary to reproduce the environment and the situation similar to those of their remote robot.

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If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!